Portland Injury Attorney

Portland Injury Attorney

Portland Personal Injury Attorney

After an accident that causes serious injury, it may seem like it will take a lot to get your life back on track. When facing extensive medical bills, lost wages from being unable to work and a difficult road to recovery, a personal injury lawyer can offer you the legal assistance that you need to hold the responsible party liable for their actions.

  • Accidents: Our attorneys handle all types of accident claims throughout Portland and the surrounding areas in Oregon, including auto accidents, car accidents, trucking accidents,motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, bicycle accidents,  or boating accidents.
  • Medical Malpractice: If you are a patient who has been injured or a family member who has lost a loved one due to medical malpractice, we can help. Our attorneys take on all types of claims, including medical errors, medication errors, surgical injury, medical negligence, failure to diagnose and more.
  • Premises Liability: Our lawyers also deal with all types of premises liability claims, including slip and fall, dog bites, negligent security, construction accidents, workplace accidents, retail store negligence and more.
  • Injuries: Regardless of your particular injury, our lawyers have the experience needed to review your situation and determine what your claim may be worth. We help clients who have suffered brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, whiplash, birth injuries, burns, amputation, disfigurement, paralysis, broken bones and all other catastrophic injuries. If a loved one has succumbed to their injuries, an attorney can also assist you with a wrongful death lawsuit against the responsible party.
  • Defective and Dangerous Products: We also handle injury claims in the Portland area that involve defective products and dangerous drugs, in situations where a consumer can hold the manufacturer or pharmaceutical company responsible for a drug or product that has a defect or improper warning label.

There is much that an experienced Portland accident attorney can do to help you if you have been injured or have lost a loved one due to another’s negligence, wrongdoing or malpractice. You deserve to have the legal representation that is necessary to collect compensation for your losses, just as the party who caused your injuries deserves to be brought to justice for their actions.

With the help of an attorney experienced in handling personal injury claims in the Portland area, you have the invaluable chance of recovering full financial damages for what you have experienced. This may include money for your medical bills, future medical treatment and care, lost earnings, future loss of potential earnings, and even emotional damages such as pain and suffering or psychological trauma. The goal will be to recover this compensation on your behalf through a negotiated settlement or jury award, enabling you to begin rebuilding your life and moving on – even when this seems difficult. Although a personal injury lawyer cannot erase the past or prevent a serious accident from occurring in the first place, he or she can help you hold the responsible party legally accountable for their actions while seeking money that will help you face a more secure future.

Consult a Portland Accident Lawyer!

Your initial case review by an attorney at our Portland injury law firm is free and always confidential. This will be your opportunity to learn more about your legal rights and to find out what options are available to you in taking legal action against the party whose negligence or intentional misconduct caused your or a loved one’s injuries. Not only is your initial consultation free, but the firm provides services on a contingency fee basis, meaning you pay no out of pocket fees and pay nothing unless we win your case.

Contact our firm to schedule a consultation with an accident lawyer, to discuss your claim, what compensation you may be able to receive and what legal action can be taken at this point. At our Portland personal injury law firm, we are committed to providing aggressive and effective legal counsel in order to help our clients heal and move on with their lives, even after a tragic accident.